The European Chips Act

Article 39, Amendments to Regulation (EU) 2021/694.

Regulation (EU) 2021/694 is amended as follows:

(1) Article 3(2) is amended as follows:

(a) the introductory wording is replaced by the following:

‘2. The Programme shall have six interrelated specific objectives:’;

(b) the following point is added:

‘(f) Specific Objective 6 – Semiconductors.’;

(2) the following Article is inserted:

‘Article 8a Specific Objective 6 – Semiconductors

The financial contribution from the Union under Specific Objective 6 – Semiconductors shall pursue the objectives laid down in Article 4(2), points (a) to (d), of Regulation (EU) 2023/1781 of the European Parliament and of the Council.