The European Chips Act

The European Chips Act, Article 22: Common purchasing

Article 22: Common purchasing

1. The Commission may, upon the request of two or more Member States, establish a mandate to act as a central purchasing body on behalf of the participating Member States ('participating Member States') for their public procurement of crisis-relevant products for certain critical sectors ('common purchasing').

2. The Commission shall, in consultation with the European Semiconductor Board, assess the utility, necessity and proportionality of the request. Where the Commission intends not to follow the request, it shall inform the Member States concerned and the European Semiconductor Board and give reasons for its refusal.

3. The Commission shall draw up a proposal for a framework agreement to be signed by the participating Member States. This framework agreement shall organise m detail the common purchasing referred to in paragraph 1.

4. Procurement under this Regulation shall be carried out by the Commission in accordance with the rules set out in the Financial Regulation for its own procurement. The Commission may have the ability and responsibility, on behalf of all participating Member States, to enter into contracts with economic operators, including individual producers of crisis-relevant products, concerning the purchase of such products or concerning the advance financing of the production or the development of such products in exchange for a priority right to the result.

5. Where the procurement of crisis-relevant products includes financing from the Union budget, specific conditions may be set out in specific agreements with economic operators.

6. The Commission shall carry out the procurement procedures and conclude the contracts with economic operators on behalf of the participating Member States. The Commission shall invite the participating Member States to appoint representatives to take part in the preparation of the procurement procedures. The deployment and use of the purchased products shall remain the responsibility of the participating Member States.

Note: This is not the final text of the European Chips Act. This is the text of the European Chips Act Proposal of February 2022.