The European Chips Act

The European Chips Act, Article 17: Key market actors

Article 17: Key market actors

1. Member States shall identify key market actors along the semiconductor supply chains in their national territory, taking into account the following elements:

(a) the number of other Union undertakings relying on the service or good provided by a market actor;

(b) the Union or global market share of the key market actor in the market for such services or goods;

(c) the importance of a market actor in maintaining a sufficient level of supply of a service or good in the Union, taking into account the availability of alternative means for the provision of that service or good;

(d) the impact a disruption of supply of the service or good provided by the market actor may have on the Union's semiconductor supply chain and dependent markets.

2. When monitoring the semiconductor value chain pursuant to Article 15, Member States shall, after consulting the European Semiconductor Board, monitor the availability and integrity of the services or goods which those key market actors provide.

Note: This is not the final text of the European Chips Act. This is the text of the European Chips Act Proposal of February 2022.